Gravity Works was founded on a passion for detail-focused design, sound development practices, education, and community involvement.

The Gravity Works team

Gravity Works Design & Development creates streamlined solutions for our clients ranging from print design, website development, and mobile applications. We serve our clients from the heart of historic Old Town, Lansing: local community nonprofits and international NGOs, legislative news providers and government agencies, local businesses and national franchises.

We know that technology is more than ones, zeroes, and screen resolutions; Gravity Works strengthens brands and bottom lines by improving the lives of people using technology. Our designers create consistent, professional identity systems, including logos, branding, and print design. We believe websites should be organized and accessible, and every organization should have control of their website. Our experts tailor web development to fit your brand, your audience, and your goals. We love the challenge of pulling complex business rules out of broken systems and disorganized data; the Gravity Works team knows the beauty and functionality of web and mobile applications to connect people and ideas.

Gravity Works is constantly growing and evolving, launching websites and mobile applications for just-released platforms. We turn “I have an idea” into “you should see this” every time. Want to know the value of a mobile application, the cost of a strong digital brand, or the ROI of moving at the speed of technology? Join the conversation, and ask Gravity Works how to use today's technology to reach your goals.

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Professional Mobile Application Development

Professional Mobile App Development

by Scott Gowell, Jeff McWherter, & Lauren Colton.

Wrox  |  Amazon

Professional Test Driven Development with C#

Professional TDD with C#

by Jeff McWherter & James Bender

Wrox  |  Amazon

Testing ASP.NET Web Applications

Testing ASP.NET Web Apps

by Jeff McWherter & Ben Hall

Wrox  |  Amazon