Community Manager

Ready to be an advocate for industry-leading technology that’s made in the mitten? We're looking for a part-time community evangelist to join our team.

Our Community Manager will drive engagement and education—from event coordination to content creation—but the direction is up to you. We’re looking for someone with the drive to say "this is what we should do next" and make it happen.

Primary tasks should focus on growing Gravity Works' footprint. Assist with event planning for user groups and local events by meeting with attendees, collaborating with community leaders, and exploring new networks. Create and distribute press releases, blog posts, and social media campaigns; clear, compelling, and shareable content should sustain the Gravity Works voice across channels. Document editorial calendar, road maps for process, and suggest improvements to our style guide. Track, measure, and evaluate outreach initiatives and performance across channels.

Must Have

  • A passion for our mission of building industry-leading websites and applications in the heart of Michigan. 
  • The drive to collaborate with other community leaders to plan and host engaging events 
  • Clear, sincere writing as well as strong editing skills. Ability to adopt the tone of Gravity Works, and a willingness to add your individual style. 
  • An analytical mind, and an interest in developing outreach and marketing strategies. 
  • The integrity to achieve positive results with white-hat methods. 
  • The organization and attention to detail to work independently on multiple projects with many moving parts.

Bonus if you

  • Maintain an active and skillful personal presence in social media, with a command of differing best practices. 
  • Use data to drive decisions. You’re creative, but think about process and scale. 
  • Have used content management systems such as Drupal, Wordpress, or DNN. 
  • Are knowledgeable about design, development, or user experience. 
  • Have past experience in public relations, corporate communications, content marketing, or relationship management. 
  • Have been active in your local tech community.

Want to talk?

Send your résumé and a writing sample to

We don't want to ask you irrelevant trivia questions during the interview process, but we do want to learn about you:

Team Fit

If you get along with the team, you'll have more fun, be more willing to ask questions, and can solve difficult problems quicker. A bad egg can spoil the entire group, but you just might be who we need to push us to (1) use your recently-found, newest-favorite JavaScript library, and (2) take us to laser tag victory.


If you're passionate, you'll use your own time to learn new things, you'll enjoy coming to work, and you'll be more willing to start projects outside of your comfort zone. If you are a mover (for responsive design), a shaker (for mobile development), or a risk taker (for new technologies), we can't wait to hear from you.

Handle Pressure

We'll want to see you solve puzzles like you would as a team member. We might work under pressure, but we always have the support of our team.

Work Ethic

Will you be reliable, diligent, and give it your best? You'll need to, to be a part of our team. We love the challenge of simplifying complex information with sleek interfaces, organized data, and custom features; Gravity Works is constantly evolving, learning new techniques to turn "I have an idea" into "watch this" with cutting-edge websites and mobile applications.

Gravity Works is always looking to add the best and brightest to our team.

Our Work

We are constantly evolving, turning “I have an idea” into “you should see this” for growing franchises, government agencies, universities, athletic associations, and nonprofits.

Our Culture

  • We're connected, innovative, and engaged
  • Gravity Works' team members include published authors
  • We're involved in our local community
  • Our experts are invited to speak across the country
  • We are built on skill, character, effectiveness, creativity, and quality
  • Gravity Works uses an Agile process

We Provide

  • A great office environment and flexible schedule.
  • Competitive salary plus a range of benefits, with medical and dental insurance, holidays and vacations (including your birthday and paid vacation for conferences), and conference attendance budget.
  • Gravity Works outings, from weekly Friday lunches, to annual company retreat attendance.
  • The opportunity to work on a wide range of interesting and challenging projects.