Entries for January 2011


We're inspired, exhausted, and unpacking our swimsuits after CodeMash 2011. The entire team was able to start the new year fired up (and making resolutions) about the overwhelming amount of exciting new technologies. Hot topics at the conference included mobile applications and the evolving, flexible business systems emerging in the tech industry. We'll be spending all of 2011 creating from what CodeMash inspired, and can't wait for CodeMash 2012!

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Tuesday night's official open house for Second Gear Coworking was a lot of fun! The Gravity Works team showed off the space, and fed everyone great nosh. A big thank you to all the people who made the event such a  great success—we couldn't embark on our great coworking adventure without the support of the many, wonderful people in our community.

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Gravity Works Design & Development is celebrating our first birthday. At twelve months, many children learn to walk, have object permanence, and are curious about the world. One year in, it's exciting to see how fast a person grows and know how much farther they will go. As Gravity Works Design & Development turns one, the team looks back on what brought us together: the personalities, the times we dreamed big, and those who inspired us to go farther. And just like when we were young, there is a great community supporting Gravity Works.

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What are your resolutions this year, and how do you plan to reach those goals? In 2010, Gravity Works tripled in size and outgrew our office space twice, and hosted the first Gravity Works Programming Contest at Second Gear Coworking. There's no better way to match 2010 than to hit the ground running: learning new things, meeting great people, and playing with the lastest technology. Our team reflected on a great year past, and our hopes for 2011!

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