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The MHSAA mobile application is now available for Android and iPhone. Follow teams, report scores, and receive news in real time. While the mobile website provides MHSAA content, this application offers users the personalized functionality to stay connected.

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MidwestUX focused on user experience and interaction design; Amelia and Lauren met many people applying trusted methods and fresh ideas about how people think about and use technology. Many regional and international experts kept attendees inspired, while hands-on activities connected theory and practice.

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Adam Ryder joins the Gravity Works Design & Development team today, as Developer. He loves to study the cutting edge—and work with proven development methods—to produce applications that evolve with growing needs and technology (he believes technology does not outgrow the user-focused recipe for great functionality). We are excited to have Adam join our growing team, and cannot wait to introduce him to our favorite board game: Dominion.

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It's a beautiful Michigan spring: snow one weekend, record high temperatures the next. The whole Gravity Works team is busy attending conferences and user groups, talking about the latest technologies, and meeting new people. We hope to see you at some of these great events!

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Jeff McWherter will compare the benefits of developing mobile application software and mobile-friendly websites in his upcoming talk, Do I Really Need a Mobile App, or is a Mobile-Friendly Website Enough?, at TISM Tech Lunchtime Seminar and Stir Trek: Thor Edition.

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