Across the Web

Have a minute to read up on what has our team excited? Here are a few things we've been passing around the office:

  • Web Design: Starbucks style guide

    This has been floating around a bit, much like the foam in a Venti Triple-Espresso Mocha (no soy): the Starbucks style guide is open and online.

  • Graphic Design: An impossible font

    Inspired by the physically-impossible Penrose triangle, see Frustro.

  • Web Development: Lust-worthy F# features for C# programmers

    C# is a powerful language, but one programmer recounts the 5.5 F# features they miss when switching back to C#.

  • Mobile Design: iPad & iPhone retina graphics

    One blogger discusses an elegant way to remove overhead on page load. This elegant solution uses media queries to only pull the appropriate image, according to the device. Read the full solution.

  • Web Development: Using NODE.js as a WCF REST services accelerator

    The full NODE.js solution is online, where "the WCF service is only troubled if both client and proxy have stale (or no) caches," according to the author.

  • Project Management: Trello

    Gravity Works has been using Trello for awhile now, but (as we recently shared on Twitter) we've broadcast Trello on our wall. It's a great way to collaborate if one developer is at a client site, and two others are pair programming in the office.

We hope to make this a regular feature, to share new ideas or recurring trends with the larger community!