Codemash 2012

Nathan Rabe completes Android mobile development in the CodeMash Mobile SmackdownOur team travelled to Ohio for Codemash 2012: the most inspiring development conference held at an indoor waterpark. This year we had a bigger team, more inspiration, and more fun.

Mobile App Development

A hot topic once more, mobile app development was a part of most sessions, for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry. Our team knows the beauty and functionality of mobile applications that get people talking, and we loved meeting people who are learning about the latest technology and methods.

Jeff and Scott gave a half-day workshop at the Codemash Precompiler, on Android Development. A packed room of eager mobile app developers came prepared for the hands-on event. At the end of the event, they opened up the floor to questions about their experiences with mobile app development.

An "Iron Chef" style "Mobile Smackdown" included our very own Nathan Rabe, as the Android App Developer contestant. Known around the office as an Android expert, Nathan was given some features in advance—and some features the while standing on the stage—and 45 minutes to build an Android application.

Responsive Web Design

While Codemash 2012 was focused on development more than design, half of the team attended the Responsive Web Desgin session. As our internet-browsing experiences expands to a larger variety of screen sizes, these fluid designs become increasingly important.

Geek Fun

David Silva Smith at CodeMash Pecha KuchaDave spoke about what really makes us happy, and the way that technology can get in our way, at the Pecha Kucha event. Each contestant was given a limited number of slides and a pre-set about of time to talk to attendees at dinner. The top two contestants moved on to a sudden death: giving a speech for slides they had never seen before. 

The weekend was an opportunity to hang out with the team, and talk about our goals for the next year. According to Heather:

My first trip to CodeMash was a great experience. Other then the great sessions I was able to attend, meeting the people that are a part of this amazing community was my favorite part. The biggest take-away from this conference was leaving inspired to get back to work and improve my skills as a web designer.

Scott was excited to see Scott Hanselman talking about SignalR, and had a great time spending time with the Gravity Works family. A big thank you goes out, from everyone at Gravity Works, to the fantastic organizers who make CodeMash possible!