David Silva Smith: Director of Business Development

David Silva Smith understands the challenges that stand between clients and their goals. A Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist with 14 years of programming and IT experience, David is a graduate of the Department of Telecommunications, Information Studies, and Media at Michigan State University. With .NET, JavaScript, SQL, and XML, he creates and delivers the software to turn business plans into profits. From state government to the auto industry, he works to understand clients and identify the ways technology will help them reach their goals.

Ever since computer camp in the sixth grade, David has excelled at bridging the gap between computers and user goals; out of the office, his understanding of how people work together makes him a formidable opponent on the basketball court. David is excited to be back in Lansing and part of a growing Michigan economy. As Director of Business Development, he loves to learn about computing as a business utility, the maturation of social networking, and user-relevant algorithms.