Exciting Web & Mobile Development

This week, the theme around the office has been finding new and beautiful ways to reach users. From testing web apps to designing beautiful mobile experiences, our team is excited to see where these new technologies evolve next.

  • Web Design: information surfacing

    @Ernestvo brings us an interesting read on how to prioritize UI elements with an intent to manipulate user engagement, also called information surfacing.

  • Mobile Development: extending the experience beyond the design

    As users become more sophisticated, and devices evolve, it becomes increasingly important to build cross-channel UX. Every buisiness strategy that considers mobile must thouroughly consider the range of customer experience they will provide.

  • Web Development: security through managed obscurity

    Ayende discusses hiding values, API keys, and other fun stuff. The blog lists code that will generate a guid-looking value to send users.

  • Web & Mobile Design: parallax scrolling

    When the foreground and background scroll at different speeds, designers can give the appearance of depth to an interface. Especially in mobile interfaces, parallax works as a wayfinding device. Check out these 18 example of parallax scrolling in web design.

  • Web Development: C# Testing

    Compilify has created a slick way to test C# snippets directly in your browser. A quick and painless way to streamline simple tests.