Geeks in Grand Rapids

Adam Ryder at Grand Rapids Give Camp 2011

By Adam Ryder

I spent last weekend working on my sixth Give Camp project (the fifth this year). Between Lansing, Columbus, Cleveland, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids, projects ranged from a database application, WordPress website development, and DotNetNuke website development. The organizations I was able to help included a rape crisis center, the Michigan Shakespeare Festival, the Ohio Wildlife Center, Angels of Hope, and (most recently) The Geek Group.

The Geek Group—a hands-on facility fostering science, technology, engineering, math, and arts education—is on the Northwest side of Grand Rapids, and they were kind enough to host the Give Camp. This was my first give camp with a Tesla coil, as well as my first experience with any Tesla coil; I was impressed. The Geek Group also has a Lotus (waiting downstairs to be electrified), a CNC machine, one of the worlds largest Newton's Cradles, a couple of robots, and a remote-controlled compact car.

The project that we worked on for them was to make their website more accessible to iPhone, android and iPad users. My team at give camp was great; John and Evan were great to work with, John even made a video Saturday night to show off what we had made. This has been an amazing year of Give Camps, and I hope to see everyone I've met next year, as I restart my Midwestern Give Camp tour. If you have any questions about Give Camp, what it means to non-profit organization and how you can help, feel free to email me!