In case you missed the memo

Memo Touch was recently featured in Engaget, among other online outlets. Gravity Works designed the mobile application, and securely developed the website for loved ones to connect. The Android tablet and custom mobile application help lift the cloud of confusion caused by memory loss and dementia.

Memo Touch Android Application designed and developed by Gravity Works

First, Gravity Works designed the Memo logo, and launched a website for the Memo marketing campaign. Next, we built an administrative interface on the website for loved ones and caretakers to remotely manage personalized, secure information displayed on individual devices. We made sure that the needs of Memo tablet users will accommodate with issues related to dementia and aging: vision, hearing, and little to no computer use.

The Memo Touch device launched with a custom Android application, developed by Gravity Works to integrate with the administrative website. Important messages—medicine schedules, calendars, and emergency numbers—are sent remotely by family and caregivers to people who suffer from memory loss.

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