Mobile Myths and Web Design Tools

Recently, we've been asking ourselves how each team member is devoting their time. It's a question that any consultant will ask themselves, but we want to understand the favorite tasks as well as blocking points. To triple in size over two years, we have certainly had to evolve. We also want to support our skilled coworkers pursuing the latest technology and trying the newest methods.

We found that the projects of highest interest are not because of the technology used. It's about working with people to make their lives better, easier, and more fulfilling. The comprehensive solution that reaches standard and mobile web users, reaching beyond "this is what I want" to "this is what users need" is the most exciting puzzle to solve.

While we're out searching for new things to learn, take a peek through our most recent finds:

  • Mobile Design: Seven mobile myths debunked.

    Seven mobile myths are debunked in this Forbes post. Some of our favorites? "Mobile" does not equal "less"; and a Content Management System (CMS), which can structure and repurpose content, is amazing for many mobile strategies.

  • Web Development: DotNetNuke 6.2 launches

    Speaking of the benefits of a CMS, our often-recommended system DotNetNuke Version 6.2 launched this month. The new version includes default social features including groups, member directories, messages and notifications, and users can log in with Facebook or Twitter accounts. (Contact Gravity Works to discuss integrating these features in your website!)

  • Agile Team: Work together better by working on yourself

    The GANG10 keynote by Leon Gersing was recently posted by David Giard, titled You. It's a great opportunity to think about setting enough, but not too many, personal boundaries.

  • Digital Storytelling: Social tagging by laymen versus experts

    First Monday published a paper on social tagging and storytelling, which can enrich digital collections of cultural heritage. Researchers found that laymen were not statistically likely to add more tags, or more unique tags, than subject-matter experts. But when laymen and experts used the same words, these descriptive tags had a different weight.

  • Mobile Development: Cross-platform development with Titanium and PhoneGap

    A great discussion comparing Titanium and PhoneGap was recently posted by an Appcelerator employee.