Our Favorite Mobile Applications

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The entire development community is talking about the latest in mobile application development for Windows Mobile 7, Android, and iPhone. As producers and consumers of mobile technology, we like to talk about what makes an application great.

From discussions around the office as our mobile application portfolio grows, Gravity Works has compiled the following list of applications we love:

Bump (Android)

Jeff: Bump is a big deal: connect two phones by bumping them together (contact info, pictures, events, and social networking information).

Flipboard (iPad)

Jeff: It's a killer app--get your social media feeds as a magazine.

iMockups (iPad)

Mobile Design | Mobile Development | iPad

Lauren: Balsamiq for the iPad, which is great if you're meeting with clients.

Kindle (BlackBerry)

Lauren: Finally! I can sync my books to my phone, ending the Long Wait versus Small Purse debate.

Reeder (iPod Touch)

Scott: Browse your Google Reader Account within graphically-organized folders with the Pinch/Stretch UI. Reeder is tied directly to social networking sites (instapaper, delicious, twitter, email); I have about 1,000 feeds, so it's nice to have an app that can handle that.

Roll Through the Ages (iPad)

Scott: An iDevice port of "Roll Through The Ages," this dice game was nominated for the coveted Spiele des Jahres.

Mobile Design | Mobile Development | iPad

Shop Savvy (Android)

Jeff: It really changed how I do things. Scan a barcode in a store to find the best price, online or locally.

Shut the (Phone) Up (Android)

Amelia: If you're in a meeting and your phone goes off, turn it face down to place the ringer on either vibrate or silent, instead of fumbling with your phone.

What the Font (iPhone)

Amelia: Take a picture of any text and it will tell you what font was used. It's a great idea, even if it doesn't always work.

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