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  • Website Design: the UX role of front-end development

    The debate continues, on the role of front-end development in the design process. Gravity Works combines the strengths of our design and development teams in a collaborative, and ongoing process. According to UX Matters, great user experiences require great front-end development.

  • Website Development: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data

    Learn about using FetchXML from LINQPad, which can help developers build more-efficient queries.

  • Website Design: the mobile web

    Scott Hanselman wants you to create a great mobile experience for your website today. Mobile websites are not dependent on operating systems like mobile applications; and as Luke Wroblewski pointed out this week, mobile OS fragmentation is growing.

  • Website Development: Entity Framework code-first migrations

    Be sure to check out Andy Schwam's step-by-step guide to migrating code in C#, using Entity Framework.

  • Website Design: interactive typography

    Some of our designers tend to drool over a really great font. As useful as @font-face in CSS3 is, have you seen the interactive type faces, which inflate and shed pixels?