Web Design & Development Roundup

We've recently found some interesting resources and useful tools online, and we wanted to share:

  • Mobile Web Design: Best practices & common mistakes

    A recent podcast on O'Reilly Radar details mobile web best practices and common mistakes. Our team is excited about emerging mobile web design methods, recently launching a Mr. Handyman mobile website as part of the existing Sitecore Content Management System (CMS).

  • Web Development: .NET 4

    Scott found an interesting C# jQuery Port Implementation for .NET 4, called CsQuery.

  • Software Testing: CSS & performance

    Another author explains that a web app's performance bottleneck might be in the stylesheet. CSS selectors that cannot be indexed are going to be slow; obsolete, unused CSS will also factor into performance. Learn more about CSS performance bottlenecks.

  • Social Media: For the children "who never call"

    A really useful-looking tool is #mom, which sends automated calls and texts to specified loved ones when you add #mom to a foursquare checkin.