Web Design & Mobile Development Roundup

  • Mobile App Design: Android UX & design

    Android mobile devices have driven the mobile experience on both iOS and Android platforms. One author argues that application creators need to pay attention to, and talk about, Android. Gravity Works develops both native Android and cross-platform applications, and this call for Android UX conversations struck a chord.

    On that note, check out this github project to have a raised center tab in Android.

  • Web Development: JavaScript microlibraries & microframeworks

    JavaScript libraries are often larger than they need to be, so MicroJS helps developers choose the sleek frameworks and libraries they actually need. Code that uses the tools we actually need (without excessive extras) are better, faster, and more elegant. Check out MicroJS, "for fun and profit"!

  • Mobile App Development: Search patterns

    A great article is up on Smashing Magazine about mobile user interface search patterns. Read the full article for an in-depth look at mobile-specific patterns: explicit search, auto complete, dynamic search, scoped search, saved and recent, search form, and search results.

  • Content: Write better links

    Usability and Search Engine Optimization both benefit from descriptive, concise link text. Instead of "Click here for the class list," try "Class List" to clearly explain navigation options. Learn more about writing better link text.

Lauren had the opportunity to see Molly Holzschlag give her talk, "From Documents to Apps: Evolving an Open Web," at Refresh Detroit.