World Information Architecture Day

Lauren traveled to Ann Arbor for a day of information architecture, user experience, and interaction design. Speakers included Keith Instone, Peter Morville, and Karl Fast at World Information Architecture Day 2012.

If you missed it, or if you just miss being there, check out World IA Day on YouTube to watch your the talks.

The Future of IA

One of Lauren's favorite talks was the second half of the Future of IA, by Karl Fast.

Asking questions like, "what problems will IA be grappling with when I'm dead," Fast discussed some predictions: deep interaction, coordination and orchestration, and mess. While we can't fathom where IA will be in 2100, we can be sure it will move beyond the current "information overload" solutions of deliberate structure, computations and algorithms, and coordinated group action.

Shari Thurow talk on SEO and IAArchitecting Search-Engine Friendly Websites

Shari Thurow spoke on the interplay between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Information Architecture. Good site structure means better on-site page links. Better site links means a higher click-through rate, which means better optimization.

"People don’t go to search engines to organize content"
--Shari Thurow

Search engine placement is determined by on-site factors, such as keywords and architecture; there are also off-site factors to consider, like links and searcher goals.



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