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Pick a Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone

When people are waiting in line, they could be using your mobile application. Every grocery store and gas station is filled with people who should know about your idea, your product, and your event.

Gravity Works knows the beauty and functionality of mobile applications that connect people; we deliver for every client, every time. If you are passionate about your idea, we can turn it into an app, becoming an important hub of information for your audience. We love growing and evolving, launching mobile applications for just-released platforms. Our developers were working on the G1 in October of 2008: the first Android mobile device available on the market, in the very month that it launched.

To provide existing content to mobile users on a tight budget, a mobile website may be a good option.

Our Mobile App Development Process

A great mobile strategy starts with discovery, and we keep clients engaged in the process. Understanding your goals helps us develop for the device, or multiple devices, that will reach your audience, whether college students (Android), government workers (BlackBerry), or young professionals (iPhone). Our team is experienced with multiple mobile development platforms (native development, Titanium, PhoneGap) and know how to choose the most efficient process for your product. 

Our skilled team builds great user experience by understanding audiences, increasing user value, and creating functionality with the leading mobile interface design methods. An intuitive mobile tool can turn a chaotic family road trip into an expertly-guided outing, and the start of a great memory.

Gravity Works delivers engaging, personalized, and powerful mobile applications for clients. Learn more about the application development process with the book, Professional Mobile Application Development. While launching mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites for clients across the globe, the our team members—led by Jeff McWherter and Scott Gowell—compiled an authoritative guide to navigate mobile application design and development.

The ONE Campaign

Gravity Works developed an iPad app to collect supporter information with engaging features, while providing a strong aesthetic connection to ONE. We developed localized keyboards, predictively-populating fields, and a reporting function with secure administration. The application is gathering global support on a international concert tour.

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Signing Savvy

Gravity Works developed an American Sign Language video dictionary, supporting real-time language learning. Users manage personal flash card lists from dictionary words; students can modify or randomize flash card display order, and select if ASL video or English text is displayed first. The intuitive mobile user interface provides the same, quality user experience for iPhone and Android users.

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Our team built and launched a custom mobile application to follow Michigan high school athletic teams, report scores, and receive news in real time. This cross-browser application is currently available in the App Store for iPhone and Marketplace for Android, as well as for BlackBerry and Windows 7 users.

Read the Mobile Application Design Case Study

Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network

Our team built a cross-platform application for Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network—currently available for Android and iPhone—connecting people to the resources they need when disaster strikes. CRDN helps families put the pieces back together, and Gravity Works designed, developed, and launched the mobile application to support this work.

Love it, love it, love it...

by spinwall | May 23, 2011

iTunes App Store: Signing Savvy
This is the best HS sports app ever.

by Skykingjwc | May 10, 2011

iTunes App Store: MHSAA
This is an excellent App version of the website. I have been waiting on you to launch an app and the wait was well worth it.

by David 43 | May 12, 2011

iTunes App Store: Signing Savvy
It's so great to have it all with me on my phone. I can now have my "Words Lists" that I've made - on hand to study. Thanks for making this app!!!

by Tammy Klassen | May 20, 2011

iTunes App Store: Signing Savvy
Good variety in "words of the day." Like it!

by Kzoobrad

iTunes App Store: Signing Savvy
It s the best to understand what u learn the word of sign if u don't know the word, try to use right spelling it will tell u where it's right list for u to look for the sign.. Neat

by Daughtermommy

iTunes App Store: Signing Savvy
(Samsung Moment with version 1.2) Cool.

by saul | February 22, 2012

Google Play (Android): Signing Savvy
This is a great app!

by Amber D. | September 8, 2011

Google Play (Android): Signing Savvy
Enjoy using the app to look up signs while on the road!

by Brian | August 4, 2011

Google Play (Android): Signing Savvy
Get the scores and schedules of the Michigan high school teams. Most excellent.

by Bruce | April 14, 2012

Google Play (Android): MHSAA
I love this... Great resource...

by Hank Fuhs

iTunes App Store: MIRS News