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Our team is doing innovative things with cutting-edge technology, and it's too exciting to keep to ourselves. That's why we love sharing what we've learned with the greater community of designers, developers, usability professionals, and project managers.

Going All Node: A Look at Front-End Tooling

Monica spoke at DNNCon 2016 in Baltimore about developing DNN themes using npm as a build tool and processing your CSS with PostCSS.

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That's it, I've had enough, I'm starting my own company - That Conference 2015

Jeff spoke at That Conference about entrepreneurship, from going out on your own for the right reasons to the nitty gritty of getting things done.

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Clever Copy for Happy Users

Lauren spoke about the user experience of words at the STC Summit and the Web Conference at Penn State in June 2015. She identified UX roadblocks, as well as discussed usability testing and maintaining consistent standards to satisfy your audience.

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Leading Through Uncertainty

Jeff McWherter gave a talk at Self Conference in Detroit in 2014. It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose, because there is always uncertainty. As a business leader, Jeff learned controlling how uncertainty is handled can lead to success. Jeff discussed how honesty and transparency, as well as motivating and inspiring employees, can help reduce uncertainty in the business world.

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The Elegant Precision of Targeted, Actionable Language

Lauren visited Seattle for ConveyUX to talk about the linguistic tips and web copy tricks to get findable, stay optimized, and say what you mean. She shows real-world techniques for usable, engaging communication. Disconnect from the thesaurus and reconnect with your audience.

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Better, Cleaner, Front End Development with SASS and Compass

Heather Buchel spoke at GR Dev Day about SASS and Compass. Learn to tame unruly stylesheets for large web projects and apps. SASS gives front-end developers a toolbox to write cleaner, maintainable, better-organized CSS.

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Elegant Precision: Connect with people using plain language

Lauren spoke about the linguistic concepts and real-world techniques for usable, engaging communication, using plain language for elegant precision. In this talk, learn methods to disconnect from a thesaurus and reconnect with people.

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Adaptive Images with DNN

Jeff McWherter spoke at Southern Fried DNN, exploring strategies for adaptive images within DNN. Designers and developers will also need to learn about media queries, and how to manipulate HTML for various screen sizes (resizing images to download smaller images for an often slower-bandwidth context).

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Confronting the Egos in the Room

Lauren Colton spoke at UX Thursday about our client experience toolkit. When stakeholders care enough to take a seat at the table, we should care enough to listen. But advocating for users must be a priority, and that can mean confronting the egos in the room.

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Android Precompiler

Scott Gowell and Jeff McWherter ran a workshop on Android development for 150 attendees.

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Heather spoke at DNNCon 2014

This community-led event included a full day of sessions for developers, designers, marketers, business owners, and system implementers. Heather met with other DNN enthusiasts, made new friends, established business connections, and even learned a thing or two.

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