Monica at the Gravity Works office

Monica Salter

Front-End Developer

Monica studied web design at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. Combining her love of code and visual design, Monica is passionate about making sites and applications both beautiful and functional. At Gravity Works, she plays a vital role collaborating with our other designers and developers to create mobile and web solutions. From mock-up to mark-up, Monica utilizes her keen eye and HTML and CSS expertise for great front-end design.

Our Team

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Get to Know Monica

What inspires you?

Bright things. I like vibrant colors, upbeat music, beautiful landscapes. I went to Hawaii once and that was probably the most inspiring thing I've ever experienced.

Do you have a favorite tool?

I love all the packages available for Sublime Text. My current favorite is the FTPSync package that Kristen showed me.

What is your work soundtrack?

Owl City.

Who are your heroes?

C.S. Lewis, Chris Coyier and Lisa Bevere.