both dans at play in 2016 extra lifeOur second Extra Life gaming marathon raised $1,555 this past weekend for Sparrow Children’s Center.

Playing games is a big part of our culture now, and playing games has been a part of all of our childhoods. Extra Life is a phenomenal event, and the perfect opportunity to think about the games we’ve enjoyed over the years.

So where did our team’s love for gaming start? We decided to ask…

Hailey as a child

Hailey: In my family, we love to play card games (Eukre) and Monopoly. I also played a lot of computer games growing up, my favorite was The Sims. Other favorites were Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and Guitar Hero on PS2.

dan as a child

Dan: I liked playing things like Super Smash Bros 64 or any other four-player games with my friends until the wee hours of the morning.

hannah as a child

Hannah: My absolute favorite game as a child was The Sims. I still have every version and expansion pack.

Jeff as a child

Jeff M: When I was younger, I enjoyed playing the video game Super Mario 3 and the board game Torpedo Run.

Lauren as a child

Lauren: In preschool, I’d play SeaWolf and ColecoVision games with my mom. My family loved Scattergories and Uno, so we’d play each at least a couple times a week.

Steve as a child

Steve: I enjoyed video games: Commodore 64, Ghostbusters, Goonies and Ye are Kung-fu.

Scott as a child

Scott had too many favorite games to pick, but we love this picture of his Pac-Man hat.

jeff as a child

Jeff P: I mostly like video games, especially The Legend of Zelda (the original one on NES). I also remember playing Monopoly a lot.

Monica as a child

Monica: One of my favorite childhood games was catching toads.