BiomiLab website on tablet


Responsive Design

Built in Drupal

Content Writing

BiomiLab is a Lansing-based startup that works with academic institutions to provide technical expertise, labor, facilities, and funding for bioscience and medical research projects to be successful. Gravity Works helped BiomiLab get their business off the ground with an original logo design and website – both of which received ADDY Award recognition. The site attracts researchers to BiomiLab’s unique subscription-based services with friendly, usable designs and easy-to-read web content. Using innovative development techniques, we created a beautiful, animated platform for BiomiLab to make a positive impact in bioscience education.


  • Custom design with responsive implementation
  • Drupal CMS, and simple content administration
  • Modern CSS animations in a responsive design
  • Original content creation

Unique page layouts

BiomiLab website screenshot of unique page layouts
A screenshot of BiomiLab's homepage at a mobile width

Creating Memorable Branding

BiomiLab’s award-winning logo strongly illustrates their purpose and personality. Design elements draw a connection to their bio research background - the hexagon shape represents a chemical composition and a laboratory beaker is prominently featured. Michigan’s upper and lower peninsula make a subtle appearance as well, swirling inside the beaker. We worked with a color scheme that complemented the website’s inviting, fun personality.

Promoting Science with Front-End Flair

SVG Usage

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) are web formats that supported the website’s unique animations and interactivity. We used this technique to bring life to the homepage logo, the navigation menu, and the hexagon images.

BiomiLab logo animation
BiomiLab 3D menu animation

3-D Navigation

Our developers used a 3-D off-page reveal style to create a unique mobile navigation menu, drawing inspiration from AirBNB’s former menu.

Slanted Content

To create the dramatic slopes on the page layout, we slanted groups of content and extended the length of the colored areas to fix gaps in between angles. This technique is similar to layering pieces of paper and aligning them so the surface doesn’t show underneath.

BiomiLab slanted headings on subpages