bizzie website on tablet


Interactive Map

Built in DNN

Responsive Design

bizzie is a smarter way to clean your clothes: with lockers and online ordering, users drop off clothes 24/7. Gravity Works designed and developed the website to promote this out-of-the-box drycleaning franchise. New and returning customers experience a sleek and modern website to represent the bizzie brand.


  • Location search to promote new customers 
  • Customized, interactive map of locations 
  • Sleek style to fit the bizzie brand 
  • Modern CSS animations in a responsive web design

location map lookup

bizzie map display example
photo of bizzie website on multiple devices
bizzie app shown on mobile phones

Mobile Design & Development

The responsive web design promotes bizzie services across desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers. We use leading-edge CSS animations for the final touch on this sleek design.

Users sign up for a personal account, search for a nearby bizziebox, and browse locations on the interactive map. Logged-in users can bizzie when clothes are ready for cleaning, and an email or text will send users when their clothes are ready to pick up. Gravity Works built the system for users to take the errand out of going to the cleaners.