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Bridge Magazine serves its readers with thoughtful, fact-based news and investigations as a non-partisan political reporter in Michigan. With an archive of more than 3,000 articles and numerous awards — including Michigan’s Newspaper of the Year in 2015 — Bridge was ready to improve the way they present compelling journalism.

The new website features a fully responsive design to support mobile readers on all devices. The streamlined layout allows new and noteworthy content to be featured, while popular articles can be quickly located. Visitors can easily track the stories and subjects they care about with an updated tagging system, and article layouts are more flexible than ever with a powerful Drupal CMS implementation.


  • Special reports, series, and tagging provide multiple methods for filtering stories
  • Popular articles can be browsed by week, month, or year
  • Featured stories and special reports are showcased on the home page
  • A new archive helps readers sort through more than 3,000 articles

Interactive news archive

Bridge Magazine news archive

A New Experience for Readers

With a clean interface, improved search functionality, and mobile-friendly designs, online readers will have more reasons to choose Bridge Magazine as their preferred news outlet. As readers approach the end of a news article, infinite scroll functionality will generate additional content to encourage readers to spend more time on the site. This trendy feature has created more online traffic and has helped readers find more content that matches their interests.

A Promising Shift in Engagement

Since the site's launch in January 2017, metrics show that readers are spending 62 percent more time reading news articles on the site. Mobile data is even more staggering, with a 98 percent increase in session duration since site launch compared to all of 2016.

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Bridge Magazine content editing interface

An Improved Experience for Content Editors

Keeping web content updated and consistent with brand standards is a difficult task, but that responsibility becomes more complicated when it involves thousands of articles. Bridge’s new website uses the power of Drupal's Paragraphs module to allow content editors to create flexible formats for their stories. Captioned photo galleries, embedded video, sidebar profiles, interactive maps, and flexible formatting gives authors plenty of options for creating compelling content.