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Capital Area Transportation Authority

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Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) is the primary public transit provider in the Lansing area—offering 10,896,146 rides in 2016—and is trusted by thousands of residents, visitors, and MSU students. Our team built a mobile-optimized website to bring route information and planning tools to the forefront.


  • Find incoming buses and nearby stops.
  • Plan trips by travel time and destination.
  • Favorite routes to subscribe to service alerts.
  • Buy passes in the online store.

Where can CATA take you?

CATA interactive Trip Planner screenshot
CATA Routes and Schedules tool

Powerful Rider Tools

We streamlined map and bus data to simplify navigation for Lansing riders. User-friendly tools help riders travel, including trip planning, scheduling, and information on departures and bus stops.

CATA administrators easily communicate with their audience through a rider alert system. Subscribers are notified by text or email when a service change affects their route. This feature helps build trustworthiness and brand credibility with riders. Across 550 square miles, Gravity Works is helping CATA riders reach their destination every day.

Clean User Experience

Gravity Works spoke with riders and stakeholders to understand their goals and challenges, then strategized to move CATA's online presence forward. Wireframing was a critical part of our process. 

Through ongoing collaboration, we created the blueprint of the website, including design concepts and content priority. Collecting user feedback throughout the process was the cornerstone to building this user-friendly website.

CATA bus pass online store