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Detroit Commuter Challenge

Built in DNN

Multiple User Roles

Data Visualization

Gathering a community together to make a positive impact on the environment can be a lot of fun. Every year in May, Detroit Commuter Challenge encourages people who live and work in the greater Detroit area to take “smart” commutes to school and work: ride the bus, drive with others, walk or bike, or even telecommute. The month-long event is supported with a centralized website and database system that shows up-to-the-second progress toward the goal of reducing over 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from our local environment.


  • Participants log smart commutes on their personal dashboard
  • A friendly competition between companies encourages participation
  • Fun, bright colors and light animation
  • Social media integration

Detroit Commuter Challenge news and events website screenshot

Live Data Display

Personal Dashboard

Each commuter has their own online dashboard to log their smart commutes from their phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Logging a ride immediately updates their personal data, including their own contribution to carbon dioxide reduction.

Live Data Visualization

Graphic elements on the homepage get updated as soon as users log their smart commutes, showing live progress toward the program’s carbon dioxide reduction goal. Logged data is connected to each user’s profile—including their school, company, or organization—and is populated into a Leaderboard section showing the top participating organizations, creating friendly competition and encouraging more users to sign up.