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Lupus Foundation of America

The Lupus Foundation of America attended Lansing Give Camp 2011 to build a "Lupus Voices" microsite and promote awareness during Lupus Awareness Month. At the event, Gravity Works team members discussed health care privacy issues, lupus-focused accessibility issues, and how to support a diverse audience.

After Give Camp, the LFA continued to work with Gravity Works. Our team developed a mapping solution, showing the spread of awareness while linking to individual "Voice" profiles.

Our iterative design process is built on the knowledge that technology is about the people who use it. Gravity Works cares about medicine-induced vision loss and keyboard navigation by users with arthritis, because design that accounts for human needs is better design for every user. Through the further development of a secure profile-submission form, Gravity Works was a part of giving people touched by lupus a voice.


  • Public submission form
  • Administrative user and story approval
  • Dynamically-updating, non-flash map
  • Responsive front-end development
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