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MSU Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research

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Built in Drupal

As one of the top advanced computing centers in academia, the Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research expands Michigan State University’s international profile by providing the power to tackle data-intensive research topics including genomic mapping, water contamination, and automated facial recognition.  


  • Upcoming events, trainings, and workshops
  • Database of academic publications
  • Easy-to-update staff directory

MSU iCER website shown on multiple displays
MSU iCER custom content types

Custom Content Types

iCER administrators are able to make quick and easy updates to their website using custom-built content types in their content management system, Drupal. Custom content types provide a defined set of fields for certain types of content; information entered is then automatically formatted and placed in the appropriate sections of the website. For their Research content type, iCER administrators can enter a title for the project, provide a link to a YouTube video, upload an image, and fill in other data fields. This information is then styled by the website, eliminating the need for admin to fuss with fonts, colors, or code. The research item is given its own page, and is also automatically added to the Research Highlights page. By checking an extra box, the research can also be featured on the site’s home page.