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The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) makes Southeast Michigan communities safer, revitalized, and more efficient. Much of SEMCOG’s value is in detailed community profiles. Gravity Works launched a mobile-optimized website incorporating community data, from car crashes to population growth. The new website portrays SEMCOG’s tradition of leadership while leveraging modern best practices.


  • Community Profile data for population, economy, housing, and land use.
  • Crash and road data search, by intersection or road segment.
  • Detailed search of traffic crash data, including time of day, factors, and severity.
  • Regional planning information for government administrators as well as citizens.

SEMCOG community profiles

community profiles

SEMCOG crash road data lookup

Data Integration & Interactive Filters

Gravity Works developed tools for users to search for community data, including crash information down to the intersection. Our team worked with a legacy Oracle database that was converted to SQL server that contains over 1027 tables, and is 80gb in size. These web apps—like the tools to research forecasted job growth, browse traffic incidents by road segment, and search traffic crashes—help municipalities plan for crucial urban planning projects.

Usability Studies

Results from user testing shaped the new, intuitive information architecture and design. Both on-site and remote tests included card sorting, setting content priorities, and task analysis interviews. SEMCOG’s target audience was familiar with the terms and programs, but were likely to navigate the site by bookmarks and searches. Gravity Works used research with real target users to deliver these complex tools and information.

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