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The Grand American Fish Rodeo Festival

Marketing Collateral Design

Responsive Design

Built in Drupal


Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art (MICA) enlisted our help to make the second year of their unique water festival stand out as a memorable summertime event. With a brand new logo, matching marketing materials, and a responsive website, the Fish Rodeo became a splashing success.


  • Unique designs for logo, poster, tickets, and other marketing materials
  • Online signup for tournaments and festival events

  • Visual schedule for both days of the festival with featured events on the home page

News And Events

Fish Rodeo news and events website screenshot
Fish Rodeo website

A Celebration of Our Waterways

Water is our source of life, which is why so many cities grow around lakes, rivers, and the ocean coasts. The Fish Rodeo festival wanted to celebrate our local Grand River with a series of events focused enjoying what the water provides. From fishing tournaments to rubber ducky races, all manner of water-based events were featured on their website as a way to draw crowds to the festival.
Fish Rodeo event feature
Fish Rodeo logo design

Logo Design

From t-shirts to tickets to Twitter, the Fish Rodeo needed a versatile logo that works no matter where it’s placed. Dynamic diagonals convey an active event while a fun western-style font nods to the festival’s roots in the American southwest.

Poster Design

Greater Lansing was peppered with posters to promote the festival. We matched the design to the theme of the festival by incorporating classic Americana and wild west imagery. The poster caught a lot of attention: when was the last time you saw a cowboy riding a giant fish?

Fish Rodeo poster design