Mobile Apps

Ready to offer your clients the value of a mobile application? We help businesses reach audiences with personalized tools.

Mobile applications offer the unique opportunity to promote a real-time engagement with your brand, while pulling from on-device data (such as contacts or photos). We turn your passion and business goals into on-the-move hubs of information.

We love growing and evolving, launching mobile applications for just-released platforms. Our developers were working on the G1 in October of 2008: the first Android mobile device available on the market, in the very month that it launched.

To provide existing content to mobile users on a tight budget, a mobile website may be a better option for your project.

Our Mobile App Development Process

A great mobile strategy starts with discovery, and we keep clients engaged in the process. Understanding your goals helps us develop for the device, or multiple devices, that will reach your audience. Our team is experienced with multiple mobile development platforms, and we know how to choose the most efficient process for your product. 

Our skilled team builds great user experience by understanding audiences, increasing user value, and creating functionality with the leading mobile interface design methods. 

Gravity Works delivers engaging, personalized, and powerful mobile applications. Learn more about the application development process with the book, Professional Mobile Application Development. While launching mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites for clients across the globe, our team members—led by Jeff McWherter and Scott Gowell—compiled an authoritative guide to navigate mobile application design and development.

Professional Mobile Application Development
By Jeff McWherter & Scott Gowell

Want our experts on your bookshelf? Gravity Works is sharing our mobile apps secrets. Our team members compiled an authoritative guide to navigate mobile application design and development.

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