Mobile Web

Mobile users, who are on the go with time-sensitive needs, have different goals and smaller, touch-screen interfaces.

New techniques detect mobile device users and automatically transform page layout and design to create a better user experience. This efficiently adapts websites—adjusting widths, hiding content, and loading alternate images—according to industry best practices.

Provide existing content to mobile users for less than the cost of a mobile application. This cost-effective development option provides a custom mobile site that is dynamically updated, without additional maintenance, through the same administrative interface as the standard website. Provide a great experience for clients while showing a commitment to the latest technologies with a responsive mobile website.

To provide personalized functionality, learn more about mobile application development by Gravity Works.

Professional Mobile Application Development
By Jeff McWherter & Scott Gowell

Want our experts on your bookshelf? Gravity Works is sharing our mobile apps secrets. Our team members compiled an authoritative guide to navigate mobile application design and development.

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