Library of Michigan Digital logo

The Library of Michigan Digital Collection is a large digital repository of historical records and information that’s available to the public. We created a website to store and display this data and built tools to help users browse and read digital content across topics and collections. As a new extension of the Library of Michigan, our design team created a unique logo to give their digital collection its own distinct brand. The logo pulls inspiration from the Petoskey Stone, a beloved icon of Michigan as well as the official state stone. The stone—a fossil of a coral that lived in a sea covering Michigan 350 million years ago—is history recorded. The Petoskey Stone therefore represents what Library of Michigan Digital does: records, preserves, and shares Michigan’s history.


  • Back-end tools to store and retrieve data
  • Clean interface to display data
  • Branding and logo design
The Library of Michigan Digital website on a laptop

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