Our Work

At Gravity Works, we place people above process. We love giving our clients every tool to succeed, and going above and beyond to show our full support. We're your consultants, your think tank, your crafters, and your friends. We are in the business of building digital solutions to help
good people accomplish great things.

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Crafting Quality Websites

We feel a sense of craftsmanship in each website and app we build. Every project is handled with care, tailored to fit a specific purpose. This attention to detail is carried through each step, from discovery to the moment we hit the red launch button. And even after the project is finished, we continue to work with our clients. Because the truth is that our work is never really done: we're in it for the long haul.

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The Christman Company website on multiple monitors

Building With Purpose

We believe that websites should be functional and beautiful. That's why we cultivated an ecosystem where web design and development work in harmony. Our balanced process brings out the best in creativity and ingenuity.

An analog clock atop a stack of the Gravity Works team's favorite books

Expressing Authenticity

We've earned our reputation as the nerds on the block, and we wear it like a badge of honor. Because being authentic is more fun, and leads to more meaningful results. Our culture encourages people to think and speak openly, honestly, and differently.

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We love people who are passionate, communicative, and care about doing things the right way.
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