​Gravity Works builds more than websites and mobile apps, we build digital experiences. We care that our work is accessible, intuitive, and engaging. That's why we test our ideas with actual users to see how well they perform. Instead of making assumptions, we listen, ask the right questions, and adjust based on what we learn. It's an extra step that we take because we care the work is done right.

Common User Tests

Reverse Card Sorting

This test tells us how well users understand the categories and naming conventions we use in a sitemap.

Click Test Surveys

We use this test to determine if users are clicking on the most important elements on a page.

Focus Groups

A more traditional research tool, we hold discussions with users to learn about users' attitudes, desires, and reactions.

Information Architecture

Before the cosmetic work begins on your project, we strategize to develop an information architecture framework that supports your goals. We organize and simplify large amounts of information in a meaningful way, helping users find what they need, and understand what they find. Our IA team builds site structures that support web content, reduce clicks, attract search engines, and knock down information barriers.

Our IA Toolbox

As part of the prototype phase, we use certain tools to build a strong web structure. These tools help us outline the placement of page elements, define what content is most important, and determine the hierarchy of pages on the site.

Content Priority


Gravity Works practices, speaks, teaches, advocates, and writes books on web accessibility. We're passionate about making the web a more accommodating and inclusive place for everyone. Our team has years of experience building websites and mobile apps for diverse users. We comply with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 Level A, AA requirements. We're familiar with the common accessibility barriers that users face, and work hard to eliminate the root causes. Web accessibility is baked into the Gravity Works process from beginning to end.

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